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About the Conference

The conference aims to discuss phenomenon of family businesses in the Arab world and create a collective experience and common knowledge to face the future of our family businesses.

Vision of the Conference

  • We would like to explore and discover best practices in family business to foster entrepreneurship, innovation, responsible governance.
  • We are going to learn from stories and overcome challenges from leading regional and international businessman, business families, and academic.
  • We aim to build connections among participants in order to find support to our family business dreams.
  • We collectively examine the ways in which family businesses can address and overcome their external and internal challenges and create opportunities for growth and innovation to ensure their future.


This conference is a unique opportunity to interact and connect with leading international researchers and academics discussing family business in the Arab world. Lessons from family business peers and experienced business leaders by exploring the growth and innovation challenges as opportunities for family businesses.

Who we are


From Sharjah to the world inspiring family businesses